About me

Welcome to my website!

I have always loved translation, and I am very familiar with it because, as a child, I started learning English from a professional translator who used it as a teaching method, since his classes consisted mainly of translating texts orally and on-the-go.

Later on, after getting my B. A. degree in English Studies, my Certificate in English at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Official School of Languages) and having made summer courses in England, I started my work life, which has, one way or another, always involved translation and languages. I never stopped studying and increasing my education, though, and I have kept on learning new things, mainly related to languages and tourism, and got my DipTransIoLET.

After many years using translation in different posts and jobs, I have decided to put my experience and expertise to working as a professional translator. Now I am a freelance translator. I live and work at La Nucia, next to Benidorm :).